Monday, August 17, 2009

Entering TSO commands on a DSLIST

You can type a TSO command to the left of a data set name on a data set list (DSLIST). If the command is long, you continue typing right over the data set name.

If the command uses a data set name in the command syntax, it is read from ISPF or you can use a forward slash (/) to represent the name.

Example Commands:

Type LISTDS in front of a data set to display the data set characteristics.

Type LISTDS / MEMBERS next to a PDS and you'll also get a list of member files.

More practical commands:
To change a GDG Base entry - ALTER / LIMIT(5)

To delete a GDG Base entry - DELETE

To display a GDG and it's active data sets (GDS) - LISTC ENTRY(/) ALL

To recall migrated data sets without waiting - HRECALL
Hint: Issue the command SORT VOL on the command line to get all the migrated data sets listed together.

And, remember, the = next to a data set repeats the previous command.

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